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simfit logo Contact, additional documents and links to external websites

contact.pdf Support and contact details for Simfit users
simfit_summary.pdf Short summary of the Simfit and Simdem packages
simfit_history.pdf Short history of the Simfit package
mono_manual.pdf The Simfit reference manual (monochrome version with no hyperlinks)
tutorials.pdf Introduction to Simfit tutorials and worked examples
w_examples.pdf Collected Simfit tutorials and worked examples
simfit_test_files.pdf List of all Simfit test files and other auxiliaries with descriptions
ms_office.pdf The Simfit interface to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice
install.pdf Installation details for Simfit, Simdem, and Ghostscript
configure.pdf Options for configuring Simfit and Simdem
speedup.pdf Options for speeding up Simfit and Simdem
pscodes.pdf Plotting non-standard characters and using advanced PostScript and LaTeX features
nag.html Using Simfit with the NAG library DLLs
running_simfit_in_linux Running Simfit and Simdem in Linux (All versions)
source.pdf Details of how to compile the Simfit and Simdem packages.
publications.pdf Publications with Bill Bardsley as author or co-author
links.html Links to external web sites
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