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Simfit is a free software OpenSource Windows/Linux package for simulation, curve fitting, statistics, and plotting, using a library of models or user-defined equations. It can be used in:
  • biology (nonlinear growth curves);
  • ecology (Bray-Curtis dendrograms);
  • psychology (factor analysis);
  • physiology (membrane transport);
  • pharmacology (dose response curves);
  • pharmacy (pharmacokinetics);
  • immunology (ligand binding);
  • biochemistry (calibration);
  • biophysics (enzyme kinetics);
  • epidemiology (survival analysis);
  • medical statistics (meta analysis);
  • chemistry (chemical kinetics);
  • physics (dynamical systems); and
  • mathematics (numerical analysis).

Simfit has forty programs, each dedicated to an aspect of simulation, plotting, or data analysis, with a reference manual containing mathematical and statistical details. Tutorials and worked examples explain how to analyze the default data sets supplied for every procedure.

Clipboard data and spreadsheet export files can be analyzed, and macros to interface with Microsoft Office and LaTeX are provided.

Simdem is a package demonstrating how to use the Simfit GUI and graphics library to write Windows programs with menus, tables, and graphs.

Simfit and Simdem were developed in collaboration with Silverfrost Software and NAG.
© W.G.Bardsley, University of Manchester UK

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